Top 4 Most Expensive Coffee In The World

For coffee lovers, there is nothing better than trying out new coffee blends from all over the world. If you have a teste for the expansive and you would like to try out something you might not have the chance to again, we suggest that you give yourself a treat of the most expansive coffee in the world. The list is made up from all known commercial coffee brands of which some can’t be bought in your country, but that does not mean you should not ask around if you go traveling anytime soon.

Hacienda La Esmeralda


We will start the list with the most expansive coffee in the world, whose origins are from Panama. The coffee costs $350.25/lb. and is one of the most unique coffee flavors in the world. Due to its low yearly production, the coffee has a high price, but if you ask us it’s worth it if for nothing else than to tell your friends you have the most expansive coffee in the world, and if they would like to try some.

Luwak Coffee

The former holder of the number one spot, the Luwak Coffee made from Indonesia comes at the price of $160/lb. This unique coffee is made with the help of an animal. If you are wondering how can an animal help us with the process of making the coffee, well you might be shocked to learn that this coffee is fermented inside the belly of the animal. The animal eats the whole coffee Cherie and once it’s done digesting it the coffee seeds are extracted from the animal’s feces. Even though the process might be gross to some people, its taste is still recognized as one of the best in the world.

St. Helena Coffee

St-Helena-CoffeeSt. Helena Coffee is one of those old-school coffee blends that dates its origins from the age of Napoleon. Ever since he tasted the amazing coffee back in the day, Napoleon ordered it be produced in large quantities on the St. Helena Island. The price may be higher than your regular coffee due to the cost of transportation but it’s one hell of a coffee for coffee lovers.

Molokai Coffee

The Hawaiian coffee costs $51/lb. and is one of those tropical tasting coffee types. What we mean by that is that the country of Hawaii is the only American state that has the climate to produce coffee and this one has a unique tasting blend of the floral aroma, a bit of berry and the finish of the caramel taste. It also has a hint of an herb-like taste.