List of 6 Unusual Coffee Drinks from all Around the World

If you are a true coffee lover, you must have tried a bunch of different coffee beverages until you found that special one that is just right for you. You might be the lucky one who tried at least one drink from this list during that journey. If so, you are free to feel unique because we are going to show you some of the weirdest coffee drinks that are not so familiar to big number of people.

1. Taiwanese Coffee with Sea Salt

This coffee was created in one of the most-known Taiwan’s coffee shop. Their chef started serving sea salt coffee to his customers and it became a huge hit. People who live in Taiwan are known for sprinkling sea salt on various fruits to bring out the sweetness even more.They say that they wanted to try that same effect with coffee.

2. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

This unusual coffee drink is served in Vietnam throughout Hanoi and it’s this country’s specialty. It’s made from mixture of condensed milk and egg yolk which are whipped together until they become creamy and thick. After doing that, they pour some black coffee on top of it and wait until it sink to the bottom of the cup.

3. Swedish Coffee with Tonic

Coffee and tonic being together at the same cup for some may sound odd, but this combination has lately become very popular. Flavor that it gives is refreshing and different and it was well accepted from those who got bored by the taste of espresso or regular coffee. This coffee was served in Sweden for few years now, but today we have a chance to try it in many countries.

4. Coffee with Lime

You love drinking coffee and you also love sour taste? If that is the case, I am sure that you never tried to combine these two things together. This weird connection of tastes already has a name – Guillermo. This coffee can be served hot or cold, you can decide which one tastes better for you, but we are sure that both of the versions are sour.

5. Coffee with Vanilla Coke

Quentin Tarantino’s super famous movie Pulp Fiction came to the big screens 20 years ago. In that movie, Vincent Vega, which is its main character who loves to drink vanilla Coke. There must be someone who really loved how John Travolta played that role, because today you can find a Vincent Vega coffee. This coffee is a mixture of espresso, Coca-Cola, ice and of course – vanilla syrup. It became really famous drink, just as same as the movie, and it has a lot of faithful fans.

6. Coffee and Cheese

Sweden is a really strange country when it comes to coffee. You are probably guessing that this odd way of drinking coffee also originates from Sweden. Kaffeost is a name of this tradition, which is of drinking coffee with a piece of cheese in it, or just dipping it into the coffee. They are using a special kind of cheese for this procedure – Leipäjuusto. This cheese is made in northern Sweden from goat’s milk.