4 Of The Strongest Coffee Blends Only For True Strong Coffee Lovers

How many people do you know that just can’t live without strong coffee? Or maybe you are one of those people, that always says that the only true coffee is pure black coffee. The fact of the matter is that there is a healthy amount of coffee one should take in on a daily level, but as to the taste, there are no health benefits when comparing the strong to the weak coffee. So, for many strong coffee lovers if they don’t want to increase the number of cups of coffee they drink they can always get some strong blend coffee. We will now list a few of our favorite strong coffee blends that you can get in the world.

Costa Coffee cappuccino

The strongest cappuccino on the market is still considered a coffee in our book. With the usual strength of the cappuccino being about 100 mg of coffee, this one is at a staggering 185. So, almost the double strength of the regular cappuccino. Give it a try if you want some foamy strong cappuccino.

F***ing strong coffee

The name says it all. You know when you buy a hot sauce and then there I a swear word in the name, it’s the same here. The swear word is present because the normal people that drink this coffee always swear on how strong the coffee is. For the strong coffee lovers, this might be your next best thing.

Death Wish CoffeeDeath-Wish-Coffee

The one we don’t recommend for soft users. At 12-oz per mug of this coffee, you will get a dosage of 728mg of coffee. That is insane! Literally, will either kill you or make you feel like you have not been alive before you drank this coffee.

Banned Coffee

Has the self-written title of “world’s strongest coffee” written on its package, and if you want to compare it to the regular coffee, we might have to agree with it. The strength of this one cup of coffee is the equivalent of five cups of normal coffee. Imagine starting the day with two of these cups.